I cannot Belize it!
Belize-icon Belizeball

Belizeball is a countryball in Central America. He is bordered to the north by Mexico-icon Mexicoball and to the southwest by Guatemala-icon Guatemalaball, and the Caribbean Sea to his east. He is very hard to draw.


Belizeball was a 3-icon 3ball adopted by Maya-icon Mayaball. In 1524, Spanish-Empire-icon Spanish Empireball discovered and adopted him. In 1862, UK-icon UKball adopted him as British Honduras-icon British Hondurasball.

Nowadays, Belizeball is an independent Central American country since 1981. He became the only countryball in Central America that can into English and Commonwealthball.

Flag Colors

Main Colors

Colour Name RGB CMYK HEX
Ocean Water Blue 0, 63, 135 C1-M.533-Y.470-K.470 #003F87
Lava Crimson 206, 17, 38 C0-M.917-Y.192-K.192 #CE1126
White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF

Emblem Colors

Colour Name RGB CMYK HEX
Napier Green 40, 148, 0 C.729-M0-Y.419-K.419 #289400
Northern Star 255, 216, 60 C0-M.152-Y0-K0 #FFD83C
Fresh Air 157, 215, 255 C.384, M.156, Y0, K0 #9DD7FF

How to draw

Drawing Belizeball is hard:

  1. Divide the basic circle shape into three horizontal stripes (the central more thick)
  2. Color them of this red, this blue, this red
  3. Draw inside the blue stripe a littler white circle
  4. Draw the coat of arms of Belize in the white circle
  5. Draw eyes and you've finished.




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