Belgradeball, formerly Singidunum, is the capital and the largest city of Serbia-icon Serbiaball And no, the waterway is not full of kebab blood. Belgrade is known for Saint Sava Church. Its also 3rd biggest city in the Balkans.


Belgradeball was born as a 2ball 2-icon , adopted by Illyriaball Illyria-icon, SPQRball SPQR-icon, Slavsball Slavs-icon, Serbian Empireball Serbian Empire-icon Habsburgball Austrian Empire-icon, Austria-Hungaryball Austria-Hungary-icon, Ottomanball Ottoman-icon, Yugoslaviaball Yugoslavia-icon, Serbia and Montenegroball Panslavic-icon and Serbiaball Serbia-icon. Belgradeball dislikes USAball USA-icon and NATOball NATO-icon because they bombed him.

Belgrade was in early times when it was conquered by Romans called Singidunum



  • Pancevo-icon Pančevoball - Best friend! We both hate our government and can into being toxic! Also he is my neighbor.
  • Podgorica-icon Podgoricaball - He is small but strong!
  • Novi Sad-icon Novi Sadball - Good guy! We used to be rivals, but I don't think he cares about serbia any more.
  • Uzice-icon Užiceball (city) - Why do I like you again? Oh yeah 2 eye patches.
  • Moscow-icon Moscowball and Athens-icon Athensball - Both can into capitals!
  • Nis-icon Nišball - He is cool. But he thinks he is better than me just because he has airport like me!