Belgradeball, formerly Singidunum, is the capital and the largest city of Serbia-icon Serbiaball And no, the waterway is not full of kebab blood. Belgrade is known for Saint Sava Church. Its also 3rd biggest city in the Balkans.


Belgradeball born as a 2ball 2-icon , adopted by Illyriaball Illyria-icon, SPQRball SPQR-icon, Slavsball Slavs-icon, Serbian Empireball Serbian Empire-icon Habsburgball Austrian Empire-icon, Austria-Hungaryball Austria-Hungary-icon, Ottomanball Ottoman-icon, Yugoslaviaball Yugoslavia-icon, Serbia and Montenegroball Panslavic-icon and Serbiaball Serbia-icon. Belgradeball dislikes USAball USA-icon and NATOball NATO-icon because they bombed him.

Belgrade was in early times when it was conquered by Romans called Singidunum



  • Pancevo-icon Pančevoball - Best friend! We both hate our government and can into being toxic! Also he is my neighbor.
  • Podgorica-icon Podgoricaball - He is small but strong!
  • Novi Sad-icon Novi Sadball - Good guy! We used to be rivals, but I don't think he cares about serbia any more.
  • Uzice-icon Užiceball (city) - Why do I like you again? Oh yeah 2 eye patches.
  • Moscow-icon Moscowball and Athens-icon Athensball - Both can into capitals!
  • Nis-icon Nišball - He is cool. But he thinks he is better than me just because he has airport like me!