“All alone in the danger zone.”
Belgium-icon Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Belgiumball is a very strange, confusing and irrelevant countryball located in Western Europe. It's clay borders Germany-icon Germanyball, France-icon Franceball, Netherlands-icon Netherlandsball and Luxembourg-icon Luxembourgball.

Belgiumball is often mistaken for a rotated Germany-icon Germanyball (especially by USA-icon USAball), even though the stripes are in a different order. His favourite foods are waffles, chocolates and fries, which he says are totally not French, but Belgian!

The headquarters of NATO-icon NATOball and EU-icon EUball are located in Belgium-icon Belgiumball's capital: Brussels-icon Brusselsball, that's why he bosses every countryball around a lot. On the other hand, he is also where the biggest rave party in the world, Tomorrowland, is held.

His national day is on the 21st of July.


Belgiumball is generally a warm and cheerful ball, but is known to have a split personality. Generally Belgium-icon Belgiumball is seen as an innocent waffle and chocolate-lover that doesn't seem to do much wrong. He enjoys life with good food and drinks. He loves eating waffles, chocolates and drinking beer. He is a big fan of EDM and House music. He even organises crazy rave parties to celebrate his love for EDM. Belgium-icon Belgiumball also loves sports as Soccer, Tennis and Cycling. His success in these sports do vary a lot though. Belgium-icon Belgiumball has a fascination for Renaissance and surrealist art and is also a huge comic-book nerd.

Secretly Belgium-icon Belgiumball is extremely obsessed with (cut-off) hands. Some say he even took one out on a date once. This is due to his historic fetish for hands, derived from his rape of DR Congo-icon DR Congoball.


Ancient myths say Belgium-icon Belgiumball is descended from Belgicaball, a province of the ancient Gaul-icon Gaulball. At some point it's clay got concurred by SPQR-icon SPQRball. Many countryballs concurred the clay in the centuries afterwards like Spain-icon Spainball, Austria-icon Austriaball, Germany-icon Germanyball, France-icon Franceball and Netherlands-icon Netherlandsball.

Belgiumball was born in 1830. His parents are France-icon Franceball and Netherlands-icon Netherlandsball, this was before France-icon Franceball got married to Germany-icon Germanyball. His parents met when France-icon Franceball took some of Luxembourg-icon Dutch Republicball's clay in 1795. After he changed his name to the UK-icon United Kingdom of the Netherlandsball (aka Netherlands-icon Netherlandsball), UK-icon UKball helped deliver the child, and then secure it's neutrality in 1839's Treaty of London.

The boy eventually grew up to follow in his parents' footsteps, eventually acquiring a slave colony of his own, Congo-icon Congoball, in 1885. It was also during this time, that Belgiumball developed his weird fetish for hands. He was eventually forced to abandon indulging it in 1908, under pressure from his guardian/mentor UK-icon UKball.


In 1914, ReichTime Reichtangle tried to anschluss Belgiumball, but his guardian and uncle UK-icon UKball, as well as his estranged mother France-icon Franceball, came to his rescue, and then eventually his distant cousin USA-icon USAball as well. ReichTime Reichtangle was defeated in 1918, and his former clay in East Africa was divided between UK-icon UKball and Belgiumball. In 1940, however, ReichTime Reichtangle's became Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball raped and anschlussed him again, for 4 years this time, until his distant cousin USA-icon USAball came to his rescue once again in 1944.

After that traumatic experience, Belgiumball settled down into a peaceful lifestyle, and eventually gave DR Congo-icon Democratic Republic of the Congoball his independence in 1960. He was a founding member of both the EU-icon EU (1957) and NATO-icon NATO (1948). Nowadays, the EU-icon EU (his half brother) has his base located in Belgiumball's clay. He tries to be as good a host as possible.

Polandball jesuistintin by theko9isalive-d9w521a

Since the end of World War II Belgiumball suffers a lot from his bipolar disorder. Doctors say he will die soon, since his son Flanders-icon Flandersball wants to divorce Wallonia-icon Walloniaball. Upon that Belgiumball was assaulted by ISIS-icon ISISball on the 22nd of March, 2016, when it attacked Brussels-icon Brusselsball.

Flag Colors

Main Colors

Black 0, 0, 0 C100-M100-Y100-K100 #000000
Bright Sun 250, 224, 66 C1-M12-Y83-K0 #FAE042
Alizarin Crimson 237, 41, 57 C0-M90-Y80-K0 #ED2939



Almost everyone but the more important ones:

  • UK-icon UKball - Guardian/Mentor: He helped secure my freedom twice from ReichTime Reichtangle and his son.
  • France-icon Franceball - Mother: Abandoned me from birth and took half of Flanders' clay, but helped me out with Reichtangle that time. But oké, I just claimed some freedom. However, French Fries is of mine invention! People always seem to forget!
  • USA-icon USAball - Cousin: Cool guy, helped me out with Nazi-icon the Nazi that time. I am not of Germany!
  • Netherlands-icon Netherlandsball - Stoned Father: Never forget 1830, THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE!!
  • Poland-icon Polandball - Helped me with independence in 19th century!
  • Canada-icon Canadaball - Helped me in WW1 and WW2.




Such a happy fmily

Such a happy family! Belgiumball with his provinceballs and regionballs.

Regionballs and Provinceballs

1003892 220818184737393 840374788 n




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