My vyjdziem ščylnym*hic* radam*hic* Na voln*hic* rodn*hic* svoj pras-OW!
— Belarus when getting demcrathiccups

Belarusball or Byelorussiaball or Superior Bulba empire is a puppet state of Russia-icon Russiaball believed to be the vodka puppet countryball in Eastern Europe (and probably is). He/She is strange and nobody knows her really, except Russia-icon Russiaball and deceased Second Polish Republicball. He/She really loved the time of the Soviet-icon USSR. He/She originated from years of rape by Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball against his/her mother, Lithuania-icon Lithuaniaball.

The female version of Belarus deeply loves Russia-icon Russiaball, even though Russia has abused her in the past, and has a platonic passion for him. Russia-icon Russiaball is her only friend, although she wants to join the Potato-Loving Club of Ireland-icon Irelandball and Latvia-icon Latviaball. The enemies of Russia-icon Russiaball are also the enemies of Belarusball. She doesn't like the fact that Russia-icon Russiaball gives more attention to her sister, Ukraine-icon Ukraineball, than to her, since he wants Crimea-icon Crimeaball. Her love to Russia-icon Russiaball gives Belarus-icon Belarusball a crazy personality to others. To get a sense, some countryballs suspect that Belarus wants to marry her brother. Of course Russia-icon Russiaball is aware of it.

Many countries annoy him/her. Even Poland-icon Polandball loves to annoy him/her. His/her loneliness makes him/her really depressed. And sometimes, her yandere may appears to threatens anyone who throw a shade on her or Russia. XAXAXAXAXA!!

He/She sometimes has a third eye because of radioactivity. Which is reason he/she hates Ukraine-icon Ukraineball.

They also cannot into sea.

Flag Colors

Main Colors

French Raspberry 200, 49, 62 C13-M91-Y75-K3 #C8313E
Fruit Salad 74, 166, 87 C68-M10-Y82-K3 #4AA657

Rushnyk Pattern Colors

French Raspberry 200, 49, 62 C13-M91-Y75-K3 #C8313E
White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF



  • Ukraine-icon Ukraineball - we speak pretty much same language and same cultures, but i hate the western world I love Russiaball he is my brother and you are related to him too but you betrayed us, just remember this ''Family comes first'' not friends like EUball and Georgiaball
    • Soviet-icon Adoptive Daddy! - I want you to return...
  • Russia-icon Brother - Love of my life...I mean, best friend! I really like you. but yuo attack me (Zapad War Games) and killed hundred and yuo like Ukraine most than me.
  • Kazakhstan-icon Kazakhbrick - Good Asian friend.
  • Lithuania-icon Lithuaniaball - Daddy, he is OK. He claims Minsk is Lithuanian and he hates the love ... my friend Russiaball. But luckily she also into hatings Pierogi.
  • Eurasian Union-icon Anti-West Union - I am member. Lets of kill EUball and NATOball together,ALSO THE RESTORED USSR"
  • Latvia-icon Latviaball- EU comrade, we are potato. Unfortunately she also hates the love of my ... I mean my friend Russia-icon Russiaball and is also in EU-icon EUball and NATO-icon NATOball
  • Iran-icon Iranball - The best and true Friend of Middle East. He gibs Oil and I give him Weapons. Thank you for being Friendly to me and Russia!
  • Ireland-icon Irelandball-He is also my potato brother, though EUball does not let me talk with him very much. Long Live Potato!
  • Idaho-icon Idahoball- Pindosiyaball's state. Wait, did he had potatoes? Yes there is potatoes!


  • Poland-icon Pierogi - My older brother, still angers me when he yells "Minsk and Grodno Polish", but when I am angry at Russiaball I want to be with him again! Greater Poland best friend ever!
  • USA-icon USAball - At least Idaho in potato! Others are North Dakota and Wisconsin! I'm still angry at NATO! I'll give you a spot on Neutral section!
  • Chechnya-icon Chechnyaball - He is the complete opposite of me


Ruins of Novogrudok Castle - awesome art by Art's Animations

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