Basqueball is an autonomous community of Spainball and Franceball. He has his own very unique and isolated language and has his own national identity, Basqueball is of wanting independence.

Fortunately, he found two countryballs that are similar to his identity and existence. That is Hungaryball and Finlandball. The trio might start hanging out.


Basque denies being part of Spain, if not give the reason or fails to what you can have very violent outbursts. It's far more prosperous than Spain, that's why Spain doesn't want them to be independent, and that's why Spanish people hate them.



  • Catalonia-icon Cataloniaball - Anaia who wants independence from tyrannic spain as well, some day we will be both independent and will be free from our opressor!


  • Spain-icon Spainball - ¡ASKATASUNA! U corrupt kaka, ur economy sux too and u now want to steal my taxes.

    Basqueball with his half son San Pedro y Miquelon


  • It is common to see him manifesting for independence
  • He likes to celebrate San Fermín and run the bulls.
  • He enjoys the fieldwork, by nature is an excellent woodsman.
  • It has been repeatedly arrested for rioting
  • He looks like UKball
  • Inventors of kalimotxo
  • It is believed that Basqueball can speak with 6ball because of his strange language


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