Bangladeshball, officially the People's Republic of Bangladeshball is a sovereign state and Unitary Parliamentary constitutional republic in Southern Asia. His clay is bordered by India-icon Indiaball to the North, East, and West, and Myanmar-icon Myanmarball to the Southeast. The country is divided into 7 regions including his capital Bangladesh-icon (division) Dhakaball, giving him a total area of 56,977 square miles, making him the 92nd largest country in the world. With a population of 163 million as of 2016, he is the 8th most populous country in the world, even higher than Russia, and the 36th most popular human migration destination.

As a Muslim majority country with some Hindu, as well as being geographically located in South Asia and having relations with China, Bangladesh is a member of the OIC, SCO, and a founding member of the SAARC-icon SAARCball. He also contributes to one of the largest UN-icon UNball peacekeeping force.

Bangladesh is often seen as one of the more peaceful and developing countries in South Asia aside from his brothers India-icon Indiaball and Pakistan-icon Pakistanball. Often trying to maintain good ties with pretty much every country in the world, he focuses more of his time in developing and dealing with things like floods and refugees such as the rohingya, which has greatly increased his popularity as he is dealing with one of the world's worst humanitarian crisis'.

His national day is March 26th


Bangladeshball was a child of 2-icon 2ball. He eventually became the 2-icon Bengal Sultanateball till Mughal-icon Mughal Empireball conquered him. UK-icon UKball conquered the Indian subcontinent after Mughal-icon Mughalball died. Bangladeshball became British Raj-icon British Rajball till 1947, when Pakistan-icon Pakistanball become his brother, but dependent. He was Pakistan-icon East Pakistanball till in 1971, when Bangladeshball became a full independent secular country, although they are majority Muslim country.

Although, Indiaball was never serious about a war with Bangladesh, and didn't really tried to fight.

On 16th April 2001 Indiaball tried to grab Bangladesh but was beaten back badly. He has his own satellite now.

His peaceful status is currently evaporating after officers and thugs hired for the government violently surpressed a peaceful student protest over road safety, then tried to shut down all internet in the country to stop the news from leaking.

Flag Colors

Main Colors

Bangladesh Green 0, 106, 78 C85-M25-Y71-K30 #006A4E
Imperial Red 244, 42, 65 C0-M88-Y73-K0 #F42A41



  • China-icon Chinaball - CHING CHONG CHING CHING PEOPLE. Gib submarines plox.
  • Nepal-icon NepalRawr - We gib them access to ocean because they is landlocked.
  • Bhutan-icon Bhutanball - Me and India-icon Indiaball have embassies in him. Of no tourist taxings for me, yay.
  • Rohingya-icon Rohingyaball - Don't worry brothah, I'll take care of you.
  • USA-icon USAball -We makings clothes for them and Gibs bangla aids. However MORE AIDS PLOX.


  • India-icon Indiaball - Was a friend in 1971. But now havings love hate relationship, typical frenemy. Indiaball tried to grab Bangladeshballs clay in 2001. But Still give Transit To Indiaball. And Rohit Sharma was out, It wasnt a no ball in the 2015 cricket semi final. Thanks for the satellite, I guess (Tho we is having our own satellite now).
  • Pakistan-icon Pakistanball - Used to be mean bully. Now has apologized we is of friends again but 2012 ASIACUP never forget!






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