Bahamasball is a countryball in the Caribbeans. She claims to be the place that Christopher Columbus discovered America, she likes to do crafts including baskets made of palm leaves, and often used voodoo dolls. Her favorite animal is Crab.


Bahamasball was a 7ball, discovered by Spanish Empireball. In XVII century, UKball adopted her and she become independent in 1973. During America's Revolutionary War, she invaded Nassauball's clay and held it for two weeks and then left.

Nowadays, Bahamasball is an island country of Carribean, which is a good place for holidays, and she's totally not deviant.

Flag Colors

Main Colors

Blue Lagoon 0, 119, 139 C87-M24-Y31-K21 #00778B
Black 0, 0, 0 C100-M100-Y100-K100 #000000
Sunglow 255, 199, 44 C0-M27-Y88-K0 #FFC72C


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