Ba'athist Iraqball

Ba'athist Iraqball or Iraqi Republicball was a state of Iraq between 1968 and 2003. He was a warmongering countryball and liked 9/11 but he would pay the price after invading Kuwait in 1990, kicking off the Gulf war.


  • USA-iconUSAball -Pure evil democratic mess, the only good thing is that he helped me attack Iran-iconIranball but still a foolish corrupt Warmonger! Never Forget 2003!
  • UK-iconUKball -Adoptive Grandad which i hate he is a evil empire and attacked me 1991 after USAball joined.
  • Syria-iconSyriaball -Puppet of the Ruski but fellow Arab and my cousin, he likes all kebab. My Ba'athisim is true!
  • Qatar-iconQatarball -Tried helping me in 2003 but didn't stop USA-iconUSAball from invading me. He told me about oil and how it made anything i want. True Arab!
  • Kuwait-iconKuwaitball -You're now mine! you're my puppet
  • Soviet-icon Sovietball -Good arms supplier, sends me many tanks, planes, and guns. Sadly sided with Kuwaitball in 1991.YOU TRAITOR SUCKER FOR SIDING WITH KUWAIT!!!!!!!!!!
  • China-icon Chinaball - Also good arms supplier.
  • Palestine-icon Palestineball -Free Palestine! Remove kosher!
  • Iran (Turban)-icon Iranball - hey!!!!! give me Khuzestan you idiot!!!!
  • Israel-icon Israelcube - remove kosher!!!! Free Palestine