Ba'athist Iraqball

Ba'athist Iraqball or Iraqi Republicball was a state of Iraq between 1968 and 2003. He was a warmongering countryball and liked 9/11 but he would pay the price after invading Kuwait in 1990, kicking off the Gulf war.




  • Soviet-icon Sovietball -Good arms supplier, sends me many tanks, planes, and guns. Sadly sided with Kuwaitball in 1991.YOU TRAITOR SUCKER FOR SIDING WITH KUWAIT!!!!!!!!!! ALSO DONT FUCKING SUPPORT THE COMMIES WANTED TO DESTROY ME!!!!
  • Syria-iconSyriaball -Puppet of the Ruski but fellow Arab and my cousin, he likes all kebab. My Ba'athisim is true!
  • Qatar-iconQatarball -Tried helping me in 2003 but didn't stop USA-iconUSAball from invading me. He told me about oil and how it made anything i want. True Arab!


  • Iran-iconIranball A foolish corrupt Warmonger! Never Forget 2003!
  • USA-iconUSAball -Pure evil democratic mess, the only good thing is that he helped me attack
  • UK-iconUKball - Adoptive Grandad which i hate he is a evil empire and attacked me 1991 after USAball joined.