Austrian Empireball was a powerful Empire that ruled firstly in HREball and then in German Confederationball. It ruled over many countries also. It eventually integrate Kingdom of Hungaryball becaming Austria-Hungaryball.

Location and some History

Austrian Empireball encompasses a large part of Central and Eastern Europe, spanning over Austria, Bohemia, Slovakia, Northern Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Istria, Bosnia, Hungary, Kraków, Serbia and Romania. This means that the Empire is under constant attack by itself, due to the mishmash of cultures and languages. Austrian Empireball has given Kings/Queens/Emperors to various other countries, such as Spain-icon Spainball, one of which became the Holy Roman Empire for a while, so technically speaking, half of America and Indonesia became Holy Roman for a while. He also gave a King to England, but everyone forgets him. Oh, and the Mexican Empire, too.

After 1867, the Austrian Empire became a part of Austro-Hungarian Empireball, but only half of it.

Today, Austrian Empireball just hands out some rich guys every now and then, thanks to the Allies clearing all the Habsburg claims to thrones after the Great War.