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Austria hungary flagmap by fenn o manic-d4mbvem

Map of Austria-Hungary

Austria-Hungaryball was a multi-ethnic dual monarchy and constitutional unionball of the Austrian Empire-icon Austrian Empireball and the Kingdom of Hungary-icon Kingdom of Hungaryball.

He was part of the Central Powers of World War I. After the war he dissolved into Austria-icon Austriaball, Hungary-icon Hungaryball, Czech-icon Czechoslovakiaball, and Kingdom of Yugoslavia-icon Yugoslaviaball. He suffered from chronic bipolar disorder.


Main: Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867

Austro-Hungarian Compromise (1867-1900): Edit

Before 1867, Austrian Empire-icon Austrian Empireball (known also as Habsburgball) was a moderately powerful countryball in Central Europe.

In 1866, he was defeated by Prussiaball and the North German Confederation, making internal tensions since 1848 between himself and his other soul Hungaryball quite hot. So, in 1867 he agreed to become Austria-Hungaryball after the Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867 was signed.

He established good relationships with the newly-formed German Empireball in 1873, forming the League of Three Emperors with Russiaball, but this was dissolved later, after the 1878 Russo-Turkish War, and in 1882, Austria-Hungaryball joined Italyball and German Empireball to form the Triple Alliance against the Entente.

Aggression and World War I (1900-1918): Edit

Austria-Hungaryball was made up of many ethnicities, nationalities, and religions, so when he annexed Bosniaball from the Ottoman Empireball in 1908, this caused tensions in the Balkan region with himself and Russiaball, who also wanted to control the area.

He became increasingly aggressive to Serbiaball, so when he murdered Austria-Hungaryball's Archduke in June 1914, Austria-Hungaryball mobilized against him, supported by German Empireball, while Russiaball also mobilized against them to protect Serbiaball, along with Franceball, and UKball stepped in to defend Belgiumball from German Empireball's Schliffen Plan offensives, being now in full Reichtangle mode.

Austria-Hungaryball captured Belgrade in early 1915, but lost Premyszl to Russian Empireball's troops, but the 1915 Gorlitz-Tarnow offensive turned things around, and by 1917 Russiaball was on the retreat. He also fought Italyball in the Alips, but was defeated at Caporetto in 1917.

Then Russian Empireball had his Revolutions, and left the war when he was murdered by his son Bolshevikball, who became Sovietball a few years later. As for Austria-Hungaryball, by 1918 he was falling apart, and Hungary-icon Hungaryball, Czech-icon Czechoslovakiaball, and Kingdom of Yugoslavia-icon Yugoslaviaball declared independence and left him.

He surrendered in October 1918, and the Treaties of Saint-Germain and Trianon at the Versailles Peace conference sorted out the chaotic jumble of territories of the former Empire's clay. Austria-icon Austriaball and Hungary-icon Hungaryball are considered to be the now deceased Austria-Hungaryball's successors.

Gallery: Edit

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Co-belligerents Emirate of Jabal Shammar-icon Emirate of Jabal ShammarballDervish State-icon Dervish StateballSouth African Republic-icon South African RepublicballDarfur-icon Sultanate of Darfurball
German Empire-icon German client states Belarus-icon (old) Belarusian People's RepublicballDuchy of Courland and Semigallia-icon (1918) Duchy of Courland and Semigalliaball (1918)Crimean Regional Government-icon Crimean Regional GovernmentballDon Republic-icon Don RepublicballFinland-icon Kingdom of FinlandballGeorgia2004-icon Democratic Republic of GeorgiaballKuban People's Republic-icon Kuban People's RepublicballLithuania-icon Kingdom of Lithuaniaball (1918)Democratic Republic of Moldavia-icon Moldavian Democratic RepublicballMountainous Republic of the Northern Caucasus-icon Mountainous Republic of the Northern CaucasusballPolish Kingdom-icon (1916-1918) Kingdom of Polandball (1916-1918)Ukraine-icon Ukrainian StateballUnited Baltic Duchy-icon United Baltic Duchyball
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Districts Kosovo-icon (division) Kosovska MitrovicaballKosovo-icon (division) ĐakovicaballKosovo-icon (division) GnjilaneballKosovo-icon (division) PećballKosovo-icon (division) PrištinaballKosovo-icon (division) PrizrenballKosovo-icon (division) Uroševacball
Former entities 2-icon Ancient EuropeansIllyria-icon IllyriaballSPQR-icon SPQRballSlavs-icon SlavsballSerbian Empire-icon Serbian EmpireballPrincipality of Serbia-icon Principality of SerbiaballAustrian Empire-icon Austrian EmpireballOttoman-icon OttomanballAustria-Hungary-icon Austria-HungaryballKingdom of Serbia-icon Kingdom of SerbiaballKingdom of Yugoslavia-icon Kingdom of YugoslaviaballSerbia-icon (1941-1944) Serbiaball (1941-1944)Yugoslavia-icon Yugoslaviaball (SR Serbia-icon SR Serbiaball (SR Serbia-icon SAP Kosovoball) )Albania-icon Republic of KosovaballUN-icon UNMIKballPanslavic-icon Serbia and Montenegroball (Misiones-icon Republic of Serbiaball (Misiones-icon AP Kosovo and Metohiaball) )Serbia-icon Serbiaball (Serbia-icon AP Kosovo and Metohiaball)

Slovenia-icon Republic of Slovenija , province of Austria Slovenia-icon
Regions Slovenia-icon (division) CarinthiaballSlovenia-icon (division) Central SavaballSlovenia-icon (division) Central SloveniaballSlovenia-icon (division) Coastal–KarstballSlovenia-icon (division) DravaballSlovenia-icon (division) GoriziaballSlovenia-icon (division) Littoral–Inner CarniolaballSlovenia-icon (division) Lower SavaballSlovenia-icon (division) MuraballSlovenia-icon (division) SavinjaballSlovenia-icon (division) Southeast SloveniaballSlovenia-icon (division) Upper Carniolaball
Former entities 2-icon 2ballSlavs-icon SlavsballIllyria-icon IllyriaballSPQR-icon SPQRballSamo's Empire-icon Samo's EmpireballHRE-icon Holy Roman EmpireballAustrian Empire-icon Austrian Empireball (Duchy of Carniola-icon Duchy of Carniolaball, Carinthia-icon (Austria) Duchy of Carinthiaball, Styria-icon Duchy of Styriaball, Thuringia-icon Kingdom of Illyriaball (1816-1849)) • France-icon Illyrian ProvincesballAustria-Hungary-icon Austria-HungaryballRussia-icon Republic of PrekmurjeballPanslavic-icon (reversed) State of Slovenes, Croats and SerbsballKingdom of Yugoslavia-icon Kingdom of Yugoslaviaball (Panslavic-icon Drava Banovinaball) • Nazi Slovenia-icon Nazi SloveniaballYugoslavia-icon Yugoslaviaball (SR Slovenia-icon SR Sloveniaball)
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