— Angry Bogans
That's how we do it in the bush
— TF2 Sniper
Shrimp on the barbie!
— Straya c*nts
Best country ever mate!
— Isaac Butterfield
G'day mate!

Australiaball is an island country between the Indian and the South Pacific Ocean. He is a part of the Anglosphere. Despite not being European, he is also part of the Eurovision. He is also a member of the G20.

Despite the fact that Australiaball is now a adult and fully independent countryball, he still has the Union Jack on his body. This is a neotenic trait. Neoteny in animals is the retention, in adulthood, of characteristics typical of its young or larval form (in the case of countryballs its colonial forms). He has 6 states and 2 territories.

Australia was born on the 1st of January (though Australia day is on January 26th not for long ), so his astrological sign is Capricorn.



Before any kind of contact with European civilization, the island was owned by Australian Aborigines-icon Australian Aboriginalsball, worshiping Dreamtime-icon Dreamtimeball. They learned to love and to care for the animals and plants that lived there. Sometimes they burnt large patches of dead, dry grass and this freed up land for new plants to grow. It is said that they got here during glaciation time.

Discovery, Exploration and Colonization

The status quo was defyed when Luxembourg-icon Dutch explorers came here and discovered the land. Tasmania-icon Tasmaniaball, for example, is named after the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman.

Since USA-icon USAball was independent, the UK-icon UKball decided to settle here a penal colony. Due to the land being unfertile and the highly death rate in the desert, prisoners didn't liked it. The Australian Aborigines-icon Australian Aboriginalsball, meanwhile, were being repressed by the settlers.

The six colonies (New South Wales-icon NSWball, Queensland-icon QLDball, South Australia-icon SAball, Tasmania-icon Tasball, Victoria-icon Vicball, and West Australia-icon WAball ) were united into a federation in 1901, as a dominion of the UK-icon British Empireball. The distance from the motherland created a different culture. Notably, Vegemite and AFL were invented here.


Most of Australiaball's conflicts have been because of colonial alliances, such as WW1, WW2, Korean War, Vietnam War and the 2 Gulf Wars. But the most hilarious conflict Australiaball has ever been into was the Great Emu War (alone), where, for some kind of reason, he lost to animals.

World War 1

At the declaration of war in 1914, a young independent Australiaball (along with his brothers) was pulled into their father's war. He and New Zealand-icon New Zealandball were sent to fight the Turks in Gallipoli. What was meant to be an easy victory turned into a bloodbath. The two young countryballs fought in unbearable conditions against a dug-in enemy. They were evacuated in late November 1915. The Gallipoli landings shaped his national identity. Australiaball became a battle hardened soldier and left many dead brothers behind on the beach.


In 1942, he adopted the Statute of Westminster, making the Commonwealth of Australia formally independent from the UK-icon British Empireball. The monarch of the UK-icon British Empireball  is still the monarch of Australia (and 15 other realms) today.

On 3 March 1986, the Australia Act 1986 came into effect. Now UK-icon UKball's government can no longer be involved with Australiaball's government.

In 2010, Australiaball was into female leadership.

2017 he legalised same sex marriage.

Flag Colors

Main Colors + Stars

Navy Blue 0, 0, 139 C100-M97-Y7-K1 #00008B
White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF

Colonial Emblem Color

Red 255, 0, 0 C0-M87-Y99-K0 #FF0000
White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF



  • New Zealand-icon New Zealandball - Brother. You are a good Rugby player but you need learn to play some Cricket, mate. Love you, c*nt. Maybe we should have a barbecue some time.
  • Ireland-icon Irelandball - Uncle, a significant proportion of my population consists of him, many were sent here as convicts and in the 20th century, many were fled the troubles and came here.
  • India-icon Indiaball- Adoptive brother! Very Stronk cricketer.I have also enjoyed to watch that movie Lion.
  • Pakistan-icon Pakistanball - He's also my adoptive brother! Creeps me out. At least he is good at cricket
  • Ukraine-icon Ukraineball - New mate, relations increasing
  • Russia-icon Russiaball - Putin likes koalas.
  • Kurdistan-icon Kurdistanball - good blokes, gave em' some gun n' shit to fight em' ISIS doggas
  • Argentina-icon Argentinaball - Ha! You can't be in Eurovision, but I can! Rekt!
  • All the oceanian islands except Fiji-icon Fijiball
  • Yugoslavia-icon Yugoslaviaball - Great lil bogan,but where did ya go ya bloody wanker?


  • Japan-icon Japanball - Sure you are a good ally but STOP KILLING THE WHALES!!!! Also remember 1942. If you are the 'Land of the Rising Sun", who is the "Land of the Falling Sun"... USA?
  • Indonesia-icon Indonesiaball - We are good allies and I saved him from a tsunami but he accusing me of spying and he killed 2 Australians and accused them for drugs, (Btw, Your Bali island is so Great and cool, pity sometimes I cannot visit due to volcanoes), and now he's offering me ASEAN-icon ASEAN membership
  • Papua New Guinea-icon Papuaball- My son.. no lil' bugger I am not going to annex you- what do you mean I made you a penal colony!? I am just tellin' ya to watch over those c*nts comin' in!
  • UK-icon UKball - Dad and good ally. Remember the Ashes, you suck at cricket. He also a good soccer and rugby player. But he colonised me so I hate him for 1 thing.
  • USA-icon USAball - Loves my accent and strong ally. He is my favourite brother as well. He thinks that he is more resistant than me, but he wears helmets and protections in that stupid sport that he invented (RUGBY IS BETTER THAN AMERICAN handegg FOOTBALL!). Only babies needs protection HAHAHAHA. Aw, looks like you have some poor blokes in your country. Don't worry, mate, I will take care of them. They are safe with me EXCEPT FOR FUCKING 31-0 GUY, THAT'S FOR SURE!!!!! (Let's go hunting some time). Also I don't like the fact that you forced me to go in the f*cking Vietnam War and Iraq War and Syrian War as well as him stopping me from ever having a successful movie business as you steal our actors/actresses
  • Portugal-icon Portugalball - People think you discovered me. Ya're also the best friend of my dad. Overall not a bad bloke. But remove commies, they're bad I think.
  • China-icon Chinaball - Too many of you on my land, though your government exports lots of stuff to me and you are working well on diplomacy with Kim Jong Un. Wait... if you are the "Central Kingdom", I am the "Southern Kingdom" ? And who is the "Eastern Kingdom" and the "Northern Kingdom", Japan and Russia ? HOW DARE YOU THROW ROCKS AT A KANGAROO IN YOUR ZOO JUST BECAUSE IT WASN'T JUMPING ENOUGH? YOU KILLED IT!!

Enemies/Kangaroo F**kers

  • Fiji-icon Fijiball - Got angry at me just for not supporting a millitary coup that overthrew the former goverment.
  • Emu-icon Emus - REMOVE!!! They humiliate me. Dangerous creature! Kill! KILL!
  • Rabbits - You piss-ants can go bugger off as well. We built a fence to keep you little buggars out until you allied yourselves with the Demon Birds of Hell.
  • American Samoa-icon American Samoaball - HA! I destroyed him in Soccer, 31-0! Just when I thought the 22-0 win over Tonga-icon Tonga was the best day of my life, this guy shows up! FUCK YOU AMERICAN SAMOA!!!!!!!!!
  • North Korea-icon North Koreaball - Hates me because I'm a friend & brother of America. Also threatened me with a nuclear strike. REMOVE KIM FAMILY!
  • East Timor-icon East Timorball - Ya're a fuckin' commie n' deserve to be invaded. I don't know what a commie is, but my brother told me they're bad.
  • Honduras-icon Hondurasball - Mate, I don't think we ever met before, but I will seriously defeat ya in soccer! World Cup, here I come!
  • ISIS-icon ISISball Stupid lil c*nt he can go suck an emus d*ck!


The Commonwealth of Australia is a federation of six States:

  • New South Wales-icon NSWball - Home to the biggest city in Australia and Oceania, Sydney, Yet rivals with over who should have the Capital city. He is also the most cultured and populated state.
  • Victoria-icon Victoriaball - Rednecks and the most livable city in the World, Melbourne. He is a bit of a hipster and has a lot of street art too.
  • Queensland-icon Queenslandball - The only state in Australia with real Theme Parks (Dream World, Sea World, Etc) He is also one of the hotter States especially, in the north. He has beautiful corals.
  • West Australia-icon Western Australiaball - Has the most minerals which I steal away from them, And their major city Perth is one of the most isolated areas in the world. WA is also the biggest state out of all of them (bigger than Alaska and Texas put together and is comparable to Kazakhstan's alone.)
  • South Australia-icon South Australiaball - Is mostly desert in the north, yet has the fifth biggest city (Adelaide) He makes good wine, despite his name, he is not the southernmost state. (`Is Also the Adopted Son Of Germany)
  • Tasmania-icon Tasmaniaball - The only state that is not on the mainland and formerly had the Tasmanian Tiger. he is Friends With Denmarkball and also had a mining collapse once. (Capital: Hobart)



  • Australian Capital Territory-icon ACTball - He became the real Capital of Australia, after NSW and Victoria had an argument for who should have the Capital city (though it is located closer to Sydney than Melbourne). He is also the only landlocked state or territory in Australia (after the exclave at Jervis Bay Territory became its own territory in 1989).
  • Nosthern Territory-icon Northern Territoryball (Australia) - The birthplace of the aboriginals 40,000 years ago. (Capital: Darwin)
  • Australia-icon (division) Jervis Bay Territoryball - Created when the ACTball achieved self-government in 1989, is the smallest Territory.






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