Augsburgball is a small cityball in southwestern Bavariaball, in Germanyball. It can into a FIFA soccer club.


Founded in 15 BC by Roman Empireball, and later adopted by Western Roman Empireball, it fallen under the rule of Franciaball, East Franciaball and Duchy of Swabiaball (HREball). He later became a Prince-Bishopric and an Imperial City, before being eaten by Kingdom of Bavariaball. During the Napoleonic Wars, it passed under Rhine Confederationball and later German Confederationball. After Waterloo Battle, Augsburgball returned under Kingdom of Bavariaball till 1870s, when North German Confederationball anschlussed Southern Germany and became German Empireball. Augsburgball remained under German rule, passing to Weimar Republicball, Nazi Germanyball, ReichRawr, West Germanyball and Germanyball.