Atheismball is a religionball that doesn't believe in any God. Atheismball is not a religion at all. Some Religionballs don't anger Atheismball as much. Atheismball is more tolerant to more progressive balls because they are better to the people. Catholicball and Orthodoxyball are less angering than Islamball and Protestantball. His political Ideology is largely libertarian and easy-going, though religious nuts can easily drive him mad. North Koreaball, Estoniaball and Czechiaball are Atheist for above 80% of their total population.

He tries to use principles of science and logic to disprove various parts of the Bible, and usually succeeds, though when he loses he gets very mad. He admittedly (and proudly) has an sense of perfection that makes him obsessive-compulsive, and in this way can find many faults with religion.

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First French Republicball (Now Franceball) created the Cult of Reasonball, mainly to purge Catholicismball, but more likely to further the revolution. The Cult of Reasonball is sort of 'sect' but not fully. CoRball believes that 'Truth, Liberty and Reason' are important and part of him, so he went around, killing Catholicismballs, helping the Terror get worse, by guillotining them, and he also murdered Protestantismballs in the South, while also being erractic and agressive, mostly taking from his father (Atheismball) and his Atheismifying France worked, although it also killed thousands.

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