Arizonaball is a well-known landlocked stateball in the southwestern USA-iconUSAball. Arizona is known for the grand canyon, dumb coyotes, 3-icon 3balls, western towns, cactus, desert, sports teams, and illegal immigrants (especially from Mexico-icon Mexicoball). James (odd1sout) and Jaiden (jaidenanimations) live there, he is a youtuber.


It's original inhabitants were native 3balls. Spanish-Empire-icon Spainballs conquered the region in the renaissance and the colonial era. It was later part of Mexicoball until after the Mexican American War when Arizona was annexed by USAball.

Previously the Arizona Territoryball, Arizona was the last stateball in the lower 48 (the contiguous United States) states to achieve statehood (in 1912).Alaska-icon Alaskaball and Hawaii-icon Hawaiiball were the last 2 stateballs to achieve statehood but are NOT in the lower 48.

Arizonaball sometimes gets mistaken for Macedonia-icon Macedoniaball when only its upper part is shown.

McCain represented Arizonaball but lost the 2008 election against Obama.

Because of so much sun in Arizona, he cannot into Daylight Savings Time, as it would require him to waste energy for more. Hawaii also cannot into DST.

As of 2016, Arizona cannot into weed yet (although Tucsonball and Flagstaffball supported it).


Arizona is somehow related and friends with other stateballs.

  • NewMexico-icon New Mexicoball - Probably his best friend. They both got statehood in 1912 and are now sometimes college sports rivals.
  • California-icon Californiaball - Big brother, though we just try to get along with each other. Both have a lot of Mexicans. Also GIB SEA AND SURF!
  • Sonora-icon Sonoraball - Mexican brother. Rocky Point is not bad. Stole 1/3 of their land. GIB SEA AND SURF!
  • Baja California-icon Baja Californiaball - My another Mexican brother. GIB SEA AND SURF!
  • Nevada-icon Nevadaball - somewhat friends, both share a famous river dam
  • Utah-icon Utahball - He has similar scenery to us. I still have better canyons.
  • Colorado-icon Coloradoball - 4 CORNERS.
  • Crimea-icon Crimeaball - Arizonaball Thinks he is "Cry him a ball"
  • Hawaii-icon Hawaiiball - He cannot into Daylight Savings Time either. Good choice, I like you.
  • Planet Nine-icon Planet Nineball - Thanks for discovering me, Percival Lowell
  • Azerbaijan-icon Azerbaijanball - You are another adoptive parent of Planet Nine-icon Nibiru


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