Aq Qoyunluball was an Azerbaijani Oghuz empire lasted from 1378 to 1501(1513).He’s wife is Empire of Trebizond-icon Empire of Trebizondball.He is killed by Safavid-icon Safavid dynastyball and Ottoman-icon (old) Ottomanball.


Aq Qoyunluball was born as a nomad tribe, evolved into this empire when adopted by Turkic peoples. He destroyed an empire (Qara Qoyunluball) and vassalized 2 kingdoms (Empire of Trebizondball and Kingdom of Georgiaball). He lost to Ottomanball. He ruled all Iranball and more.He never became great again after losing against Ottomanball.


Some of his family members are;

Turkeyball : Grandson

Ottoman-icon Qara Qoyunluball: Brother (But enemy, fucking brother.)

Ottoman-icon (old) ​​​​Ottoman Empireball: Brother (fuck him,also enemy)

Safavid-icon Safavid dynastyball:Rebellious son

Empire of Trebizond-icon Empire of Trebizondball:Wife

Relations with other countryballs

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