Apiaball is the capital city of Samoaball. he is an island inhabited by 7ball.

he was attacked by German Empireball in the seige of apia, when he was allied by UKball and USAball; this took place in the second samoan civil war. this was the war that separated Samoaball and American Samoaball. the German Empireball was directly wanting all of Samoaball. some of the fighting in second samoan civil war ironically took place in are around Tuvaluball.

Apiaball is also the largest city in all of Samoaball. from 1900-1919 he was the capital of German Samoaball. Apiaball is located on the central north coast of the island of Upoluball, Samoaball's second largest island. Apiaball is the only Cityball in Samoaball. Apiaball is in the political district of Tuamasagaball.

when Apiaball started he was a mere village with a population of 304 residents. in 1889 Apiaball hosted a standoff by a Germany fleet and USAball. in 1914 New Zealandball ordered occupation of German Samoaball. New Zealandball then governed the islands in the Western Samoa trust territory. in 1962 Apiaball became the capital of independent Samoaball.