‚Äú Anschluss zeit ‚ÄĚ
‚Äú Surprise Anschluss, Polen... ‚ÄĚ

Anschluss ūüĒä (or surprise anschluss, or anschlu√ü polskan) (Which¬†translates to¬†annexation¬†or connection) is a running gag in the Polandball universe used to describe a countryball becoming a rectangle with small eyes (the "Anschluss eyes") before proceeding to invade and/or annex another countryball.

Historically, it refers to the Nazi annexation of Austria in 1938. The most common example of this is Germanyball becoming Reichtangle. Anschluss can also be used to describe a countryball with dominance in a certain skill.

Countryballs usually say Anschluss in a typewriter font like here (Courier New). The phrase is infrequently followed by zeit (meaning 'time').

Anschlussed countryballs don't die. Anschlussed countryballs are wrapped somewhere inside the body of the countryball that anschlussed them. From time to time these countryballs revolt from inside the body in an attempt to gain freedom or they are rescued by another countryball that infiltrated in the body of whoever captured them. When that happens, the countrytangle begins to regress back to its normal form. This process is known as Balkanization.

There are anschluss forms for other countries, though not all of them are necessarily rectangles; some, like Tringapore, become pyramids or cones while others like Kazakhbrick and NepalRawr become sawruses and squares respectively. And Israelcube, because of Jewish physics, becomes a four-dimensional tesseract, the only such countryball (or cube, rather) which breaks the rule against countryballs being higher than two-dimensional. Anschluss form is one of the few exceptions to the rule against countryballs not being any other shapes than a ball. Some countryballs have more than one anschluss form, notably Chileball, who can turn into either a worm or a rectangle.

Countryballs' anschluss modes

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