Angolaball is a countryball in southwestern Africa. Angolaball also speaks fluent Portuguese, because his adoptive father was Portugalball. He used to be of part communist, but nowadays is not very relevant.


Angolaball is descended from 8ball and also from the Bantuball, as are most other African balls.His father was the Kingdom of Kongoball, and Angolaball was born in 1575, and then adopted by Kingdom of Portugal, who just happened to be in the neighbourhood at the time. He grew up with his other adoptive siblings such as Mozambiqueball, East Timorball, and Brazilball.

In 1884, his adoptive father gave him some more clay from the Berlin Conference. He rebelled against his father a few decades later, and succesfully gained his independence in 1975. He then suffered a bout of multiple personality disorder that lasted until 2002. Due to his Portuguese heritage, he can into Hue, like his larger adoptive brother Brazilball. He cannot into much relevance either.

In 2002 he also found oil and went insane with it. It makes up almost all of his economy.

In 2011, he can into winnings in Miss Universe. (the first African country to advance)

In 2013, he officially ban islam and shut down every mosques around Angola. He can into removings of kebab!

Flag Colors

Main Colors

Black 0,0,0 C63-M52-Y51-K100 #000000
Lava Crimson 206, 17, 38 C0-M.917-Y.192-K.192 #CE1126

Emblem Colors

Ripe Lemon 249, 214, 22 C0-M.140-Y.023-K.023 #F9D616


  • Portugal-icon Portugalball - Adoptive father. Yuo was of okay, I guess.
  • Brazil-icon Brazilball - Adoptive brother, and fellow HUEer.
  • Mozambique-icon Mozambiqueball - African brother. Can also into hue.
  • East Timor-icon East Timorball - Asian hue brother.
  • Macau-icon Macauball - Chinese hue brother. He is of rich.
  • Cape Verde-icon Cape Verdeball - Atlantic brother. We don't talk much. He thinks I'm still commie.
  • Madeira-icon Madeiraball - Little brother. Still lives with our father.
  • Azores-icon Azoresball - Little brother. Still lives with our father.
  • USA-icon USAball - Supplier of weapons during my multiple personality disorder.
  • China-icon Chinaball - Supplier of weapons during my multiple personality disorder. Now one of his trade partners.
  • Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball - Supplier of weapons.
  • Cuba-icon Cubaball - Supported me during my multiple personality disorder.


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