Andorraball is a rich microstate between France-icon Franceball and Spain-icon Spainball. While it is very small, it is one of the most prosperous countryballs. It gets much of its revenue from tourism, and it is a tax heaven.

History Edit

Andorraball (Andorra) was a 2-icon 2ball always fought between France-icon Franceball and Spain-icon Spainball since SPQR-iconSPQRball died.

Andorraball became independent from Carolingian-icon Carolingianball in 1278, but Spanish-Empire-iconSpanish Empireball wanted to "adopt" him. The fought passed through the ages: Spanish-Empire-iconSpanish Empireball and Kingdom of France-icon Kingdom of Franceball, First Spanish Republic-icon First Spanish Republicball, Francoist Spain-icon Francoist Spainball, Spain-iconSpainball and France-icon Franceball.

Nowadays, Andorraball became fully independent and safe.

And better than Monaco-icon Monacoball.

How to draw Edit

Draw Andorraball is easy, except for the coat of arms.

  1. Divide the basic circle shape in three vertical shapes.
  2. Color them of this colours: blue, yellow and red
  3. Draw the border of coat of arms of this colour
  4. Draw the rest of the coat of arms using the already used yellow and red
  5. Draw eyes and you've finished.

Gallery Edit

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