Ancient Egyptball, or Kemetball was the oldest civilization one of the oldest civilizations. He can into building pyramids and was of lead by stronk Pharaoh. He was then anschlussed by Achaemenidball, SPQRball, Sassanidball and then became an Arabball. He had two rebellious sons, Coptball and Egyptball. On the subreddit it is portrayed with 7-icon 7ball or Egypt-icon Egyptball. They also REALLY like cats and would bite or enslave anyone who hurt cat.


Ancient Egyptball was born from a 4-icon 4ball and 2-icon 2ball in 3118 BC. He originally formed when Upper Egypt-icon Upper Egyptball and Lower Egypt-icon Lower Egyptball did a fusion dance and their crown joined together. He's famous for his pyramids, his anti-semitism and his good relationship with Alienballs. His reign had many high and low points over his thousands of years of existence. It can into a lot of dynasties:

  • Protodynastic 3200-3050 BC
  • First Dynasty c. 3050–2890 BC
  • Second Dynasty 2890–2686 BC
  • Third Dynasty 2686–2613 BC
  • Fourth Dynasty 2613–2498 BC
  • Fifth Dynasty 2498–2345 BC
  • Sixth Dynasty 2345–2181 BC
  • Seventh and Eighth Dynasties 2181–2160 BC
  • Ninth Dynasty 2160–2130 BC
  • Tenth Dynasty 2130–2040 BC
  • Early Eleventh Dynasty 2134–2061 BC
  • Late Eleventh Dynasty 2061–1991 BC
  • Twelfth Dynasty 1991–1803 BC
  • Thirteenth Dynasty 1803–1649 BC
  • Fourteenth Dynasty 1705–1690 BC
  • Fifteenth Dynasty 1674–1535 BC
  • Sixteenth Dynasty 1660–1600 BC
  • Abydos Dynasty 1650–1600 BC
  • Seventeenth Dynasty 1580–1549 BC
  • Eighteenth Dynasty 1549–1292 BC
  • Nineteenth Dynasty 1292–1189 BC
  • Twentieth Dynasty 1189–1077 BC
  • Twenty-first Dynasty 1069–945 BC
  • Twenty-second Dynasty 945–720 BC
  • Twenty-third Dynasty 837–728 BC
  • Twenty-fourth Dynasty 732–720 BC
  • Twenty-fifth Dynasty 732–653 BC
  • Twenty-sixth Dynasty 672–525 BC
  • Twenty-seventh Dynasty 525–404 BC
  • Twenty-eighth Dynasty 404–398 BC
  • Twenty-ninth Dynasty 398–380 BC
  • Thirtieth Dynasty 380–343 BC
  • Thirty-first Dynasty 343–332 BC
  • Argead Dynasty 332–305 BC
  • Ptolemaic Egypt-icon Ptolemaic Kingdom 305–30 BC

After this, he was anschlussed by SPQR-icon SPQRball.

Today his clay is mostly part of Egypt-icon Egyptball.

How to draw

Draw Ancient Egyptball is very simple.

  1. Draw the basic circle shape
  2. Draw a blue horus eye
  3. Draw eyes and you've finished

If you like, you can add some pharaonic hats. Some use an ankh instead of the eye of Horus, but it is up to the artist.


  • Ancient Nubiaball - Dark-skinned ones to the south who want to be like us, building sub-par pyramids. Jnk (I) must take his clay in the name of the almighty Pharaoh!
  • Ancient Greece-icon Ancient Greeceball - Jnk (I) taught him most of what he knows about science and mathematics, and then he turned around and acted like he came up with it himself.
  • Hittites-icon Hittiteball - My archenemy of the north.
  • Middle-east-4ball-icon Hyksosball - Evil Set-worshiper from a foreign land, who anschlussed me from a lot of time.
  • Achaemenid-icon Achaemenidball - Anschlussed me from 525–332 BC
  • SPQR-icon SPQRball/Byzantine-icon Byzantineball - Anschlussed me from 30 BC–641 AD.Coptic-icon Coptball was born during his time, and Kemetismball was banished. Because of him, My child forgot how to read Hieroglyph alphabet. REMOVE ANTONY!!!
  • 6-icon Alienballs - Helped me with pyramids INFORMATION RESTRICTED BY THE US GOVERNMENT
  • Sassanid-icon Sassanidball - Anschlussed me from 621–629.
  • Kemetism-icon Kemetismball - My religion.
  • Atenism-icon Atenismball - Created during a psychotic nervous breakdown Jnk had, where Jnk briefly became the first monotheist.
  • Coptic-icon Coptball - My child, who is follower of the God of Moses and Jesus. Though Jnk still mad about my library being burned. Wait... you is now a follower of a God of a guy called Jesus. Is the same God of Moses?
  • Abbasid-icon Rashidunball - This caliphate rescued My clay and people from retarded Byzantine. After he entered my clay, that shit-arse Byzantine never enter My clay anymore. Btw, I more respect the God of Moses and Jesus now... wait you saying me about a guy called Muhammad.
  • Egypt-icon Egyptball - My grandchild, who is follower of the God of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad. But I still hate Moses.
  • Israel-icon Judaismcube - My former slaves. They still are. Couldn't cross the damn sea...
  • Japan-icon Japanball - Far Asian friend. He love cats very much. Pharaoh Thutmose 3 and Emperor Meiji can into world conqueror.
  • Islam-icon Islamball - He love Mau (cats) very much! My grandchild Egypt's religion now. Btw, thanks for rescue my clay from Roman Empire and supporting my child against that damn Jews after the death of that traitor prince (Moses). But, STOP SAYING THAT MOSES IS A HERO!!! IT MEANS YUO DISLIKE ME!!! Plz forget about Moses and Ramses the 2nd so we can into friend.



How Did Cats Build the Pyramids?

How Did Cats Build the Pyramids?

Pyramids. Made by brain4breakfast.


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