American Samoaball is a territory of USAball located in the Pacific Ocean at the south of the equator.


American Samoaball was born as a 7ball in the XI century. Only in 1722, United Kingdom of Netherlandsball discovered him. In 1899, German Empireball and USAball adopted him with his brothers. Nowadays, he's part of USAball, with his independent friend Samoaball. He in 2001 became enemy of Australia when he defeated him in football (soccer) by 31-0

How to draw

Draw American Samoaball is almost easy.

  1. Draw the basic circle shape and draw inside it two red diagonal lines that starts from half-left border.
  2. Color the upper and the downer part of this blue
  3. Draw in the white part the eagle using this brown and this yellow
  4. Draw the eyes and you've finished


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