American Civil War was a civil war between USA-icon USAball and CSA-icon CSAball. Or in other words a riot


Antebellum (Before The War)

During the years leading up to the American Civil War manifest destiny was in its golden age, there had been a rapid expansion of the Louisiana purchase and the anschluss of Texas-icon Texasball and a lot of Mexico-icon Mexicoball's clay. The economy of the Southern states was heavily based on agriculture mostly performed by free 2-icon 2ball farmers and have received a stigma that they were all slave owning plantation owners because of singular large slave owning plantations[1].

The Election of Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln ran on the platform of endorsing the Homestead Act and held no strong opinions on slavery, despite war propaganda and post-war propaganda. His actions and records did demonstrate he believed very much in merit as appose to heraldic beliefs of the day. However late into his campaign he changed his platform to include hundreds of pro-south proposals, as he wanted to keep the dissolving union and the south succeeding from United States.

The Civil War

The war started when Lincoln used the Fort Sumter attack to gain enough sympathy to declare war against the southern secession stateballs, not the CSA-icon CSAball, as USA-icon USAball refused to see them as a legitimate nationball [2][3]. the war flipped back and forth, with CSA-icon (soldier) CSAball's strong conviction, guerrilla tactics, and a larger percent veteran and militant population, including superior generals keeping the north from simply overwhelming the south, and the northerner's numbers and resources keeping the south from making a successful offensive. The war ended with

Murica-icon USAball's victory because of its superior military numbers, industry, and technology.

During the first years of the war the south won most of the battles and even was able to get territory in the border states due to superior military tactics, however after the battle of Gettysburg the north turned the tides of the war because they started using total war tactics (not related with the video game series 'Total War').

After the War

USA-icon USAball bans slavery and frees enslaved 8-icon 8balls 7-icon 7balls and 3-icon 3balls and recognized Liberia-icon Liberiaball's independence, He traded Russian America-icon Alaskaball from Russian-Empire-icon Russian Empireball in 1867 and was considered a energetic countryball with strong army and economic growth system after the American Civil War in the 1870s.


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