Amazonasball is a state of Brazilball.He is the biggest rain forest state in Brazil.

Brazilball likes to cut his jungles down and pollute them with smoke and factories.

Cityballs are clustered around the river (the world famous Amazon river) and the capital and largest cityball is Manausball (a big industrial metropole inside the Amazon Forest).

He is one of the states that make Brasilball famous (especially its anacondas), being the largest state of Brazil, he has the largest tropical forest in the world. Also produces 25% of the medicines, also he is very healthy when it comes to oxygen, because sometimes he is called the "Green Lung" (by mistake because he is more than a tropical forest), in spite of having a very big river does not have bridges (well that way it retains its natural aspect) It's flag looks like Chileball's, but with an extra white stripe and more stars. Its flag also looks somewhat like USAball's, with less stars and only 1 red and 2 white stripes.


Amazonasball born as a 3ball, adopted by Kingdom of Portugalball, Brazilian Empireball and Brazilball.