Alsaceball was a region of France-icon Franceball that Reichs always wanted. She is full of heritage, beer and wine.


Alsaceball was an always fought clay.

Alsaceball born as a 2ball and, later, as Gaulball,Germanicball and SPQRball. But when SPQRball died, it was fought between Franksball and Alemanniball. Franksball finally won and HREball inherited it. Later, fought again between Kingdom of Franceball and German Empireball. After that, between Franceball and Reichtangle  then Germanyball.

Today, Alsaceball is a region of Franceball.

Her husband is Franche-Comtéball and their son Belfortball managed to resist Prussiaball's attacks and stay with his father.

How to draw

Draw French Alsaceball is a bit more difficult.

  1. Draw the basic circle tool and color it of this red
  2. Draw a diagonal white stripe (from up-left to right-down) with a lace motiv border
  3. Draw two red diagonal lines inside the white stripe
  4. Draw three crowns in the up-right part of this yellow
  5. Do the same (but rotated of 180°) in the left-down part.
  6. Draw the eyes and you've finished.