Fortis et Liber as fuck!!!
Alberta-icon Albertaball (fortis et liber is the nat. Motto, and in Latin)

Albertaball is a western province of Canada-icon Canadaball. He is the fourth most populated Canadian province. His capital is Edmonton-iconEdmontonball, though his most populous and famous city is Calgary-icon Calgaryball.


Albertaball has a lot of oil, and is highly wanted by USA-icon USAball for it. Because of his oil monies he is very rich and is hated by his fellow provinceballs because of it but it is okay because whenever he is sad, he just hugs an oil barrel and wipes his tears with his oil monies. He is also more conservative than his fellow provinceballs as evident in his no sale tax policy, hatred of his social democrat government and hatred of his fathers liberal government. Albertaball is also know for his reserves of natural gas, dinosaurs, and beautiful mountain views.


  • Saskatchewan-icon Saskatchewanball - Twin brother & Best friend. Has a flat personality.
  • Quebec-icon Quebecball - Montreal Canadiens are worse than the Calgary Flames
  • British Columbia-icon BCball - Too many Chinese God Dammit. I dont blame you for your hippocrite problem. Its Trudeaus fault you hear me!
  • Manitoba-icon Manitobaball -Great friend
  • Arizona-icon Arizonaball - Good friend, but takes all my people in the winter. OIL OIL OIL
  • Texas-iconTexasball - My cousin and southern counterpart, refers to Alberta as Northern Texas, sometimes referred to as Southern Alberta. We have so much in common, that we are best friends.
  • Ontario-icon Ontarioball - Enemy. Avoid at all costs. Beware of Doug Ford
  • Canada-icon Canadaball - My dad who likes to use me for oil. He is nice though. But I hate Trudeau
  • USA-icon USAball -  I will sell you my oil because Trudeau is being a complete Dick at being the slowest dealer. 
  • Northwest Territories-icon Northwest Territoriesball - My brother who used to own me, but I was like "You ain't owning me no longer!"
  • 7-icon 7ball- listen I’m sorry that I stole your kids and tortured them.