Alaskaball is the largest stateball in USA-icon USAball. His flag represents the big dipper and the north star. It was designed while it was a territoryball by a young 3ball.

He has very dangerous roads and there seems to be always winter. He still does not know if he wants to stay with his adoptive father (USAball) or if he returns with his real father (Russiaball).

During the Cold War Alaskaball became paranoid. Because during the Cold War Alaskaball was surrounded by submarines of USAball and submarines of the USSRball.


Alaskaball was born around 10,000 years ago as an iced 3ball, and was first colonized by Russian Empireball in 1747.

Russian Empireball is Alaskaball's father and 3ball is Alaskaball's mother. USAball is Alaskaball's adoptive parent.

When in 1867, USAball proposed to Russian Empireball to sell Alaskaball for $7,200,000 (approximately $10.85 per square mile of land or $4.19 per square kilometer) he accepted because he assumed Alaskaball had no value to his name besides useless clay. He was wrong, about 30 years later, gold was discovered on his clay, and there was a massive gold rush similar to Californiaball's.

Alaskaball has been a stateball since 1959, had the biggest American petroil deposit, discovered in 1968. Russia is unhappy with this decision.

There are proposals to unite America and Asia between a bridge between Russiaball and Alaskaball. This may never happen...

Alaskaball has a considerable Orthodox minority thanks to Russiaball colonization in the region. Several Russian missionaries converted many natives to the Orthodox Church. 12,5% of the Alaskaballs are Orthodox.

Nowadays, Alaskaball is the coldest state of USAball. Also the biggest, though Texasball is in denial over it. You could split Alaska into half and both halves would still be bigger than Texas.

Now is being targeted by North Koreaball .


USA-icon USAball (adopted dad)

Russia-icon Russiaball (dad)

How to draw

Drawing Alaskaball is easy:

  1. Draw the basic circle and color it of this blue
  2. Draw the Ursa Minor seven stars plus North Star of this yellow
  3. Draw eyes and you've finished

If you like, you can add a winter hat.


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