Acreball doesn't exist is a state of Brazilball.


Acreball was a part of Bolivia-icon Boliviaball. His name is the same of an avampost during crusades.

Because of the rubber many Brazilians immigrate to there, Bolivia-icon Boliviaball make many acts that harmed the Brazilians rubber tapers , so the they kicked out Bolivian troops, and in July 14 of 1899 was proclaimed the Republic of Acreball, and was immediately invaded and dissolved by Brazil-icon Brazilball who started negotiations with Bolivia-icon Boliviaball, he was planing to give Acreball administration to an Anglo-American company named Bolivian syndicate. so Brazil-icon Brazilball get mad because Bolivia-icon Boliviaball was letting imperialist pigs into South America, o he helped Acreball to gain independence, in 1903 Brazil-icon Brazilball started negotiations with Bolivia-icon Boliviaball for Acreball, Brazil paid 10k monies for Bolivia-icon Boliviaball and build a railroad for the Acreball dependence.

in 1904 Acreball was anschlussed by Brazil-icon Brazilball and become a federal territory, and in 1962 he become a federal state.

His flag was adopted in 1921.

It is usually said in Brazil-icon Brazilball that Acre-icon Acreball is the land of dinosaurs and flying trees. It is also unknown how to enter in that stateball. Many Sentinelese-icon Uncontacted peoples live on its clay.



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