ASEANcoin/ASEANboard/ASEANball (depends) is a political and economic organization in Southeast Asia. Born as Association of Southeast Asiaball (ASAball) in 1961, but suddenly this happened. Later, it was formed into ASEANball in 1967 as a step to remove communism and can into economic growth. However many Great Powers still see him as a fake puppet entity. Cannot into power like EU.

Now he's clearly failed in handling the kebab situation in Thailandball, Indonesiaball, Philippinesball and Myanmarball.

Member States Edit

Founding membersEdit

Fellow membersEdit

Observer States Edit


  • EU-icon EUball - Role model.
  • Fiji-icon Fijiball (new member) - I'll let Indonesia tell you of you can apply.
  • New Caledonia-icon New Caledoniaball (autonomous part of Franceball, new member) - I'll let Malaysia tell you of you can apply for observation.
  • Vanuatu-icon Vanuatuball (possible candidate member - I'll let Malaysia and Indonesia tell you of you can apply for observation.)
  • Bangladesh-icon Bangladeshball (possible candidate member) - I say just ask Laos for observation.
  • China-icon Chinaball - MADMAN!!!!!! We will liberate the Spratlys! REMOVE RICE!!!!!!!!!!! (Although Myanmar,Laos, and Cambodia like him)
    • Taiwan-icon Taiwanball - Not you, ROC. Remember when Spain took Taipei and when the Netherlands took Kaohsiung?
    • Hong Kong-icon Hong Kongball (possible candidate memberl)
    • Macau-icon Macauball (possible candidate member)
  • India-icon Indiaball - Bali is better for Hindus! You've ruled Andaman and Nicobar for long enough, haven't you?,but then there is this maniac (Sentineleseball)
  • Australia-icon Australiaball - GO AWAY! YOU'RE NOT EVEN FORM HERE!


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