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ASEANcoin/ASEANboard is a political and economic organization in Southeast Asia. Born as Association of Southeast Asiaball (ASAball) in 1961, but suddenly this happened. Later, it was formed into ASEANball in 1967 as a step to remove communism and can into economic growth. However many Great Powers still see him as a fake puppet entity. Cannot into power like EU.

Now he's clearly failed in handling the kebab situation in Thailandball, Philippinesball and Myanmarball

Member States Edit

Founding membersEdit

Fellow membersEdit

Observer States Edit


  • EU-icon EUball - Role model.
  • Fiji-icon Fijiball (new member) - I'll let Indonesia tell you of you can apply.
  • New Caledonia-icon New Caledoniaball (autonomous part of Franceball, new member) - I'll let Malaysia tell you of you can apply for observation
  • Vanuatu-icon Vanuatuball (possible candidate member - I'll let Malaysia and Indonesia tell you of you can apply for observation.)
  • Bangladesh-icon Bangladeshball (possible candidate member) - I say just ask Laos for observation.
  • China-icon Chinaball - MADMAN!!!!!! We will liberate the Spratlys! REMOVE RICE!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Taiwan-icon Taiwanball - Not you, ROC. Remember when Spain took Taipei and when the Netherlands took Kaohsiung?
    • Hong Kong-icon Hong Kongball (possible candidate memberl)
    • Macau-icon Macauball (possible candidate member)
  • India-icon Indiaball - Bali is better for Hindus! You've ruled Andaman and Nicobar for long enough, haven't you?
  • Australia-icon Australiaball - GO AWAY! YOU'RE NOT EVEN FORM HERE!


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Former entities 7-icon Native IslandersSpanish Manila-icon Spanish ManilaballUnited States Philippines-icon United States PhilippinesballCommonwealth of the Philippines-icon Commonwealth of the PhilippinesballSecond Philippine Republic-icon Second Philippine Republicball404-icon First Philippine RepublicballKingdom of Tondo-icon Kingdom of Tondoball

Thailand-icon Boy or girl? Kingdom of Thailandball Thailand-icon
Northern Region Thailand-icon (division) Chiang MaiballThailand-icon (division) Lam PhunballThailand-icon (division) Lam PangballThailand-icon (division) UttaraditballThailand-icon (division) PhraeballThailand-icon (division) NanballThailand-icon (division) PhayaoballThailand-icon (division) Chiang RaiballThailand-icon (division) Mae Hong Sonball
Northeastern Region (Isan) Thailand-icon (division) Amnat CharoenballThailand-icon (division) BuriramballThailand-icon (division) ChaiyaphumballThailand-icon (division) KalasinballThailand-icon (division) Khon KaenballThailand-icon (division) LoeiballThailand-icon (division) Maha SarakhamballThailand-icon (division) MukdahanballThailand-icon (division) Nakhon PhanomballThailand-icon (division) Nakhon RatchasimaballThailand-icon (division) Nongbua LamphuballThailand-icon (division) Nong KhaiballThailand-icon (division) Roi EtballThailand-icon (division) Sakon NakhonballThailand-icon (division) SisaketballThailand-icon (division) SurinballThailand-icon (division) Ubon RatchathaniballThailand-icon (division) Udon ThaniballThailand-icon (division) YasothonballThailand-icon (division) Bueng Kanball
Western and Eastern Region Thailand-icon (division) KanchanaburiballThailand-icon (division) PhetchaburiballThailand-icon (division) Prachuap Khiri KhanballThailand-icon (division) RatchaburiballThailand-icon (division) TakballThailand-icon (division) ChachoengsaoballThailand-icon (division) ChanthaburiballThailand-icon (division) ChonburiballThailand-icon (division) RayongballThailand-icon (division) PrachinburiballThailand-icon (division) Sa KaeoballThailand-icon (division) Tratball
Central Region Bangkok-icon BangkokballThailand-icon (division) Nakhon PathomballThailand-icon (division) NonthaburiballThailand-icon (division) Pathum ThaniballThailand-icon (division) Samut PrakanballThailand-icon (division) Samut SakhonballThailand-icon (division) Sing BuriballThailand-icon (division) SaraburiballThailand-icon (division) Nakhon NayokballThailand-icon (division) LopburiballThailand-icon (division) ChainatballThailand-icon (division) AyutthayaballThailand-icon (division) Ang ThongballThailand-icon (division) Samut SongkhramballThailand-icon (division) Suphanburiball
Southern Region Thailand-icon (division) ChumphonballThailand-icon (division) KrabiballThailand-icon (division) Nakhon Si ThammaratballThailand-icon (division) NarathiwatballThailand-icon (division) PattaniballThailand-icon (division) Phang NgaballThailand-icon (division) PhatthalungballThailand-icon (division) PhuketballThailand-icon (division) RanongballThailand-icon (division) SatunballThailand-icon (division) SongkhlaballThailand-icon (division) Surat ThaniballThailand-icon (division) TrangballThailand-icon (division) Yalaball
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Cambodia-icon Khmer DR Kingdom of Cambodia Cambodia-icon
Provinces Phnom Penh-icon Phnom Penhball (capital) • Cambodia-icon (division) Banteay MeancheyballCambodia-icon (division) BattambangballCambodia-icon (division) Kampong ChamballCambodia-icon (division) Kampong ChhnangballCambodia-icon (division) Kampong SpeuballCambodia-icon (division) Kampong ThomballCambodia-icon (division) KampotballCambodia-icon (division) KandalballCambodia-icon (division) Koh KongballCambodia-icon (division) KepballCambodia-icon (division) KratiéballCambodia-icon (division) MondulkiriballCambodia-icon (division) Oddar MeancheyballCambodia-icon (division) PailinballCambodia-icon (division) Preah SihanoukballCambodia-icon (division) Preah VihearballCambodia-icon (division) PursatballCambodia-icon (division) Prey VengballCambodia-icon (division) RatanakiriballCambodia-icon (division) Siem RaepballCambodia-icon (division) Stung TrengballCambodia-icon (division) Svay RiengballCambodia-icon (division) TakéoballCambodia-icon (division) Tbong Khmumball
Historical entities 1-icon 1ballKingdom of Funan-icon Kingdom of FunanballDemocratic Kampuchea-icon Chenla KingdomballKhmer Empire-icon Khmer EmpireballDark Ages Cambodia-icon Dark Ages CambodiaballKhmer Empire-icon French CambodiaballCambodia-icon (1941-1945) Japanese-occupied CambodiaballCambodia-icon Kingdom of Cambodiaball (1953-70)Khmer Republic-icon Khmer RepublicballDemocratic Kampuchea-icon Democratic KampucheaballPR Kampuchea-icon PR KampucheaballState of Cambodia-icon State of CambodiaballUNTAC-icon UNTACball
Laos-icon Lao Predators Democratic Republic Laos-icon
Provinces Laos-icon (division) AttapeuballLaos-icon (division) BokeoballLaos-icon (division) BolikhamsaiballLaos-icon (division) ChampasakballLaos-icon (division) HouaphanhballLaos-icon (division) KhammouaneballLaos-icon (division) Luang NamthaballLaos-icon (division) Luang PrabangballLaos-icon (division) OudomxayeballLaos-icon (division) PhongsaliballLaos-icon (division) SayaboulyballLaos-icon (division) SalavanballLaos-icon (division) SavannakhetballLaos-icon (division) SekongballLaos-icon (division) Vientiane Provinceball (Laos-icon (division) Vientianeball) • Laos-icon (division) Xieng Khouangball
Historical entities 1-icon Indochinese nativesKingdom of Funan-icon Kingdom of FunanballDvaravati-icon DvaravatiballDemocratic Kampuchea-icon Kingdom of ChenlaballKhmer Empire-icon Khmer EmpireballDark Ages Cambodia-icon LongvekballKingdom of Laos-icon Kingdom of Lan XangballKingdom of Luang Phrabang-icon Kingdom of Luang PhrabangballKingdom of Vientiane-icon Kingdom of VientianeballKingdom of Champasak-icon Kingdom of ChampasakballDainam-icon Nguyễn dynastyballKingdom of Laos-icon Kingdom of LaosballSiam-icon Rattanakosin KingdomballKingdom of Luang Phrabang-icon French Protectorate of LaosballJapanese Laos-icon Japanese LaosballKingdom of Laos-icon Royal Lao Government in Exileball
Myanmar-icon Republic of Myanmar (aka Burma) Myanmar-icon
States/Regions Kachin State-icon Kachin StateballKayah State-icon Kayah StateballKayin State-icon Kayin StateballChin State-icon Chin StateballSagaing Region-icon Sagaing RegionballTanintharyi Region-icon Tanintharyi RegionballBago Region-icon Bago RegionballMagway Region-icon Magway RegionballMandalay Region-icon Mandalay RegionballMon State-icon Mon StateballRakhine State-icon Rakhine StateballRangoon-icon Yangon RegionballShan State-icon Shan StateballAyeyarwady Region-icon Ayeyarwady Regionball
Main cities Rangoon-icon RangoonballMyanmar-icon (division) MandalayballMyanmar-icon (division) Naypyidawball (capital) • Myanmar-icon (division) MawlamyineballMyanmar-icon (division) TaunggyiballMyanmar-icon (division) Monywaball
Historical entities 1-icon Indochinese nativesPyu-icon PyuballArakanese-icon ArakaneseballToungoo-icon ToungooballKonbaung-icon KonbaungballBritish Burma-icon British BurmaballState of Burma-icon State of BurmaballSocialist Burma-icon Socialist Burmaball
Vietnam-icon Long Live Việt Nam! Vietnam-icon
Municipalities Vietnam-icon (division) Cần ThơballVietnam-icon (division) Da NangballVietnam-icon (division) HaiphongballHanoi-icon HanoiballVietnam-icon (division) Ho Chi Minh Cityball
Former entities 1-icon Indochinese nativesKingdom of Funan-icon Kingdom of FunanballChampa-icon Champaball1-icon Dai VietballFrench Indochina-icon French IndochinaballDainam-icon Nguyễn dynastyballEmpire of Vietnam-icon Empire of VietnamballProvisional Government of Vietnam-icon Provisional Government of VietnamballSouth Vietnam-icon State of VietnamballVietnam-icon North VietnamballSouth Vietnam-icon South VietnamballVC-icon Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Vietnamball
Quang Tay, Hai Nam, Trường Sa and Hoàng Sa... SOON!
Papua New Guinea-icon Papua New Guinea, cannibal PNGs Papua New Guinea-icon
Provinces Bougainville-icon BougainvilleballCentral Province-icon (Papua New Guinea) Central ProvinceballEast New Britain-icon East New BritainballEast Sepik-icon East SepikballEastern Highlands-icon (Papua New Guinea) Eastern HighlandsballEnga-icon EngaballGulf-icon (Papua New Guinea) GulfballHela-icon HelaballJiwaka-icon JiwakaballMadang-icon MadangballManus-icon ManusballMilne Bay-icon Milne BayballMorobe-icon MorobeballPort Moresby-icon National Capital DistrictballNew Ireland-icon New IrelandballOro-icon OroballSandaun-icon SandaunballSimbu-icon SimbuballSouthern Highlands-icon (Papua New Guinea) Southern HighlandsballWest New Britain-icon West New BritainballWestern Province-icon (Papua New Guinea) Western ProvinceballWestern Highlands-icon (Papua New Guinea) Western HighlandsballNetherlands New Guinea-icon West Papuaball
Historical entities British Papua-icon British PapuaballGerman New Guinea-icon German New GuineaballBritish New Guinea-icon British New GuineaballBritish Papua New Guinea-icon British Papua New Guineaball
East Timor-icon Timor Leste of Indonesia East Timor-icon
Districts Lautém-icon LautémballBaucau-icon BaucauballViqueque-icon ViquequeballManatuto-icon ManatutoballDili District-icon Dili Districtball (Dili-icon Diliball) • Aileu-icon AileuballManufahi-icon ManufahiballLiquiçá-icon LiquiçáballErmera-icon ErmeraballAinaro-icon AinaroballBobonaro-icon BobonaroballCova Lima-icon Cova LimaballOecusse-icon Oecusseball
Historical entities 7-icon NativesPortuguese Timor-icon Portuguese TimorballIndonesia-icon Indonesiaball

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