8ball (also known as Africaball) is a Caveball that represents historical Africans, African tribes without a flag, and sometimes descendants of Africans and appears in some comics. He often gets Anschlussed by everyone with civilization. He is the eyes of Chad-icon Chadball. This is so Chadball and Romania-icon Romaniaball don't get mixed up.


8ball was always known. They created several kingdoms and empires like the Ashanti Empire-icon Ashanti Empireball Songhai Empire-icon Songhai Empireball, the Mali Empire-icon Mali Empireball, the Kingdom of Aksum-icon Kingdom of Aksumball, the Ghana Empire-icon Ghana Empireball, the Kanem-Bornu Empire-icon Kanem-Bornu Empireball, the Kingdom of Congo-icon Kingdom of Kongoball, the Kingdom of Mapungubweball and the Kingdom of Dahomey-icon Kingdom of Dahomeyball.

But they started to be enslaved by other balls because these balls said they were "strong and uncivilized". When Europe realized that if they invaded Africa, they'll always have slaves, so they started colonization of Africa. It ended during WWII when 8ball arose and understood that Europe isn't good for him. So, he became independent from Europe but still enslaved in different ways.

Now, They mostly respond to people with african languages instead of the ones spoken by their colonizers.They play lots of basketball and hate racists.

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Modern African countries, most Caribbean island nations, Melanesia, Andaman and Nicobar Islandsball, and Southern India-icon Indiaball (maybe, currently unconfirmed).

Minorities in Cuba, North America (Canada and USA), South America (Brazil and Colombia), being descendants of slaves (a sad reality).

There is also minorities in Europe, being immigrants or descendants of immigrants. These immigrants tend to immigrate to the countries of their former colonizers, which explain why Franceball, UKball, Spainball, Italyball, Belgiumball, Germanyball and Portugalball have bigger 8ball population than other European countries.

How to draw

Drawing 8ball is simple.

  1. After drawing base circle shape, color it of black like here
  2. Draw inside a littler white circle with a black 8
  3. Add eyes and you've finished.
  4. (optional) Draw 8ball with a fake computer or anything related to KFC


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