If you're searching for the "Middle Eastern caveball", see Middle-east-4ball-icon Sumerball

4ball (also known as Homo Sapiensball or Cro-Magnonball) is a 1-icon 2-icon 3-icon 4-icon 5-icon 6-icon 7-icon 8-icon  caveball which represents prehistoric humans. It also can represent peoples lived before the other caveballs. He lived in the Ice Ages with wooly mammoths and ice.

4balls met Neanderthalsscribble in multiple occasions, they fought together (and each others) for survivial until the latter one became extinct by g̶e̶n̶o̶c̶i̶d̶e unknown circumstances.

He is the ancestor of all the balls of that lives in Earthball. The oldest records of his existence were thought to be in Ethiopia-icon Ethiopiaball clay until 2015, when more were found in Morocco-icon Moroccoball.

He is of scribble because he is not fully humanoid yet. (had to do it with Neanderthalsscribble to get there)



How to draw

Draw 4ball is simple.

  1. After created base circle shape, color it of a violet color like here
  2. Draw inside it a littler white circle with the black 4
  3. Add eyes and you've finished.