3ball or American Indiansball is a caveball that represents the Indigenous peoples and tribes of the Americas. It is said he immigrated there over a land-bridge in Alaskaball more than 10,000 years ago. 3ball lived happily until some Spainballs, Portugalballs, Franceballs and UKballs invaded and nearly killed all 3balls, both deliberately with murders and accidentally through disease spread. In the Americas they live on reservation clay allotted by USAball and Canadaball, and in Mexicoball they live like the other people (not in reservation, free). 3ball also likes hunting animals and then using every piece of their bodies for their own purposes. Such as:

  • Using their bones for ceremonies, and making tools
  • Using their hide for tepees, and clothes

Mormonball thinks they were Jews, but no one else agrees.

In Reddit, it is banned and replaced with 7ball (But Why)

How to draw

Drawing 3ball is simple.

  1. After drawing the base circle, color it of a red like here
  2. Draw inside it a smaller white circle with a black 3
  3. Draw the two eyes and you've finished

If you want you can add feathers, bows or indigenous hat.




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