2ball (also know as Indo-Europeanball) is an out of use caveball representing historical Caucasoids (Europeans), but it also is used to represent historical Indo-Iranian peoples. 2ball was actually born in Eastern Europe, according to the [Hypothesis] and hence the name "Indo-European". He is not canon on /r/polandball and therefore not allowed to be used in comics there.

2ball used to be used on the subreddit as well until it was blocked (because of skin color logic) and replaced by 7ball. It is a common misconception that Ancient Greeceball is based on off 2ball because of its European. It is actually based off of Greeceball's colors. People associate Indiaball with 7ball or 4ball due to racist reasons, but he has a large amount of R1a haplogroup which means he definitely has 2balls in him.



1ball:Brothers in Asia and a good home.

3ball  :Great American Brothers

4ball  :He is my father.

Australian aboriginalsball:Australian Brothers

6ball:He is god ?

7ball:Brothers like me

8ball:African Brothers


Englandball:Son of a goose

Northern Irelandball:Fake Ireland He is my granddaughter and he is very crazy.

How to draw

Drawing 2ball is very simple.

  1. Draw the basic sphere and color it off a light blue like here
  2. 2. Draw a little white circle inside and add there a black 2
  3. 3. Add two eyes and it's finished.



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