Ålandball (sometimes known as Åland Islandsball) is a famous hacker and alt maker an island countryball in the Baltic Sea, she is an autonomous region of Finland-icon Finlandball. She wants to into Swedenball but Finlandball doesn't let her and Swedenball doesn't want to. Aland is Finnish archipelage in Baltic Sea.

Countryballs Animated 7 - The Autonomous Region of Åland

Countryballs Animated 7 - The Autonomous Region of Åland


She was part of Swedenball, in 1809 along with Finlandball to the "Russian Empire". Then was part of the Russian Empire until 1917 when Finland declared independence with Ålandball, then a civil war broke out with red guards and white guards, it was a victory to the white guards. Then Ålandball was stuck with Finlandball ever since, never to be with Swedenball again who is now one of ze most popular province-balls.


  • Finlandball - Is of dumb, won't let me be of withs Swedens(Angry bitch adoptive father).
  • Swedenball - A nice and of respectfuls dad and lover best friend, I want to be with yuo!(Didn't know you were a Homosexual)
  • Norwayball- Nordic uncle, a nieces of guy.
  • Denmarkball- A Nordic traitor, controlled of mys Uncle!!!
  • Icelandball -Cool guy, lives by Denmark in the Atlantic.
  • Greenlandball -Weird suicidal brother.
  • USAball -Friend of Swedenball
  • Faroe Islandsball -Nordic Cousin, dont see him often but is of nice



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